2 under 2 – Daytime routine

In February 2021 we became parents to our little girl, 17 months after her brother was born. We had hoped to have our children close together and were incredibly lucky it worked out that way for us. There are pros and cons to any age gap and having two young babies to look after has certainly been challenging.

I am very pro routine for our children, our eldest certainly thrives on it and I enjoy having some structure to our day. It is important to note I am making no claims in regard to this routine, but it gets us out of our pyjamas before midday when my partner is in work and we enjoy some child free time when they have both gone to bed.

6am – Francesca (4 months) Wakes up. I feed her and put her back down in her cot while I get myself showered and ready.

7:30am Spencer (21 months) wakes up and we all go downstairs where Spencer has a small bottle of milk while I down some coffee.

8am – Breakfast for me and Spencer while Francesca plays on her playmat or sits with us in her bouncy chair.

9am – Buggy Nap for Francesca while we walk the dog/ go to the park.

10:30am – Feed for Francesca

11:30am – Lunch for Spencer

12:30pm – Lunchtime Naps for both while I attempt to get some housework done. Francesca will sleep for about an hour while Spencer can have up to 3 hours.

2:30pm – Feed for Francescsa

3pm – Out for the afternoon, another buggy nap for Francesca

5:30pm – Tea for Spencer, feed for Francesca

6:30pm Bathtime for both followed by a story.

7pm – Bedtime for Spencer – we put on white noise, so he isn’t disturbed by his sister. Bottle feed then bed for Francescsa.

I have read various baby books and sleep guides and formed this routine based on what works for us. It doesn’t work out every day and changes if we have a class to attend at a certain time. My youngest does not sleep through the night, she is 4 months old, suffers with reflux and is not a robot. We are currently in the depths of the 4 month sleep regression too so she regularly wakes 3-4 times a night but I’m clinging to the fact had slept through a few times before that.

We are currently working on bringing you content from a sleep expert. If you have any questions you would like answered in relation to routines for your baby please get in touch!

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