10 Best Playparks for Toddlers in Cardiff

Like most toddler parents our days often include a trip to the park at some point. Visiting the same one all the time can feel like groundhog day so here is a run down of the best toddler parks to visit in Cardiff. Let us know your favourite!

1. Victoria Park, Canton, CF5 1EH

This park probably has the most to offer for toddlers,especially if you tag on a visit to the splash pad. It gets insanely busy though so we tend to only go on week days or when the weather isn’t amazing.

2. Hailey Park, Llandaff North, CF14 2FU

Fairly basic but we like that the toddler park is completely separate from the area for older children. Also tends to be quiet and is fully enclosed. Perfect for taking the toddler and baby out together on my own!

3. Heath Park, CF14 4EN

Heath Park is the one we frequent most often, its usually quiet during the week and has a decent toddler climbing frame and swings. It doesn’t have gates on it so I don’t tend to go on my own with both children as I end up constantly running after our toddler when he decides to leave the play area. If you do go, a trip to Parkside Cafe for coffee and cake en route is a must!

Heath Park toddler play area

4. Llandaff Fields, Pontcanna, CF11 9HZ

Considering its location I would have expected more from this park, which is great for older children but a bit limited for toddlers. Plenty of open space to run around though and toddler swings.

5. Roath Park Recreational Park, CF23 5HX

This is a nice park at the bottom of Roath Park Rec next to the car park (which is free for 2 hours). The equipment is pretty much all toddler friendly and it’s fully enclosed. I would avoid going at after school time as it’s only got a couple of swings and gets quite busy.

6. Roath Lake Play Park, CF23 5PA

We have now reached the point where we can’t walk around the Lake without paying this playpark a visit. It has some great toddler friendly equipment and a huge slide. There are 6 toddler swings so even when it’s busy your little one shouldn’t have to wait long for a turn.

7. Cardiff Bay Barrage playground

If you are looking for something a bit different, this sandy play area has lots of climbing equipment and can be combined with a nice walk around the bay.

8. Whitchurch Park Playground

A small but well thought out and maintained playpark with separate areas for toddlers and older children. As locals to Whitchurch this is our go to!

9. Parc Play, Grangetown

A rainy day choice, Parc Play is an indoor playpark with artificial grass hills, tunnels, slides, sand and water play and a pirate ship.

10. Cosmeston Lakes, CF64 5UY

So this one is not actually in Cardiff, but I couldn’t not include it as our son absolutely loves to visit this park. Its just reopened after a complete overhaul and there is plenty to keep toddlers entertained.

New play park at Cosmeston Lakes

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