South East Wales Baby & Toddler Swimming Classes

Cwac Cwacs I took my son to Cwac Cwacs from about 8 weeks old until he was 2. The staff are lovely and the pool is very warm, lessons include songs and instructions in Welsh language but you do not need to speak Welsh to attend. 30 minute group sessions for 3 months – 5…More

Folly Farm Review

Folly Farm is one of Wales’ most popular family attractions and is especially suited to younger children. We visited on a Sunday in August during the Summer Holidays with our 2 year old and 6 month old to see what the hype was all about. Where is Folly Farm? Folly Farm is located 6 miles…More

Childcare Offer for Wales Explained

The childcare offer for Wales provides working parents of 3 & 4 year olds with 30 hours of free childcare per week for 48 weeks of the year. This is made up of combined childcare during term time (12.5 hrs early years education, 17.5 hrs childcare) and 30 hrs of childcare per week during the…More

Baby and Toddler Summer Classes

Ararat Church Baby & Toddler Sessions running throughout July & August Ararat Under 1s Baby & Toddler Mondays 13:30-14:30 & Fridays 10-11 Ararat Get Outside With Toddlers Mondays 10-11:15 & Fridays – 13:30-14:45 Mission Fitness BuggyFit Continues throughout the summer holidays : 09:30 Tues & Thurs – Roath 09:30 Wed – Llandaff You can read…More

A Guide to… Sleep Training

Background Having had a baby who slept for most of the day in his first 4 months and was sleeping through the night by 5 months, our second child was a bit of a shock to the system. She was born almost 2 weeks past her due date and came out very alert, she must…More

Newborn Products I actually used…

I’m not calling this list ‘Newborn Essentials’ because all babies are different and not having these items will have no detrimental effect on your baby, but they will probably make your life easier . I have owned all the products on this list and either used them for both of my babies or bought for…More

Kidslingo Class Review

This morning I took our 4 month old to Kidslingo French in The Old Church Rooms, Radyr. I have been looking for a class to take her to on Fridays when our eldest is in Nursery but wasn’t really sure what to expect from a French class for babies. I have to say it was…More

Ynysangharad park, Pontypridd

Living in North Cardiff, it’s really not far to Pontypridd so I can’t believe we haven’t visited Ynysangharad Park sooner! We had to make an unexpected trip to Ponty on Wednesday so I decided to take the opportunity to have a look around. This is such a fantastic park for Toddlers, much better than anything…More

10 Best Playparks for Toddlers in Cardiff

Like most toddler parents our days often include a trip to the park at some point. Visiting the same one all the time can feel like groundhog day so here is a run down of the best toddler parks to visit in Cardiff. Let us know your favourite! 1. Victoria Park, Canton, CF5 1EH This…More